Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Does Estate Planning Cost?

Since we have specialized in estate planning and probate for over 20 years and have worked at large Los Angeles law firms, we have become very efficient at minimizing our client's legal fees while providing sophisticated and excellent legal representation. At the same time, we are not a mill and provide legal services that address our clients' individual circumstances and the complexity of documentation and planning required to achieve their goals and objectives.

We have prepared comprehensive estate plans for younger professional families with children and for affluent families worth over $10 million with significant real property and family businesses. The cost of an estate plan or estate planning legal services generally depends on your, your family's or your business's unique circumstances. The estate plan will save your family future legal fees and/or taxes that vastly exceed the cost of the plan.

For most estate plans, we charge a flat fee that includes the following:

■ All meetings to discuss your estate planning needs and answer questions and create a strategy and vision of what you want to accomplish and the financial goals you want to achieve;

■ Wills

■ A Revocable Trust,

■ Health Care Directives,

■ Powers of Attorney,

■ A General Assignment of Assets to the Revocable Trust,

■ Deeds transferring your home(s) to your Revocable Trust, and

■ Telephone calls, emails and correspondence regarding your estate planning needs.

Our firm's estate plan flat fee ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the size and sophistication of the estate. Most estate plans for individuals with a potential net worth of less than $5 million are done for a flat fee ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. In California, many homes are worth $1 million or more and individuals often have life insurance policies with values in excess of $1 million -- so it is easy for couples or individuals to have a potential net worth and estate worth protecting.

We can also charge our clients on an hourly basis and often do this for tax planning, probate litigation and other estate law issues.

Estates of all sizes benefit from thoughtful planning. Don’t put off protecting your family or partner now and into the future.

Posted by Henry (Hank) Moravec, III, a partner at Moravecs, A Professional Law Corporation. Hank Moravec focuses his practice on Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration, Beneficiary and Trustee Representation, Tax Law, and Nonprofit Law. Any questions or comments regarding this post or your own situation should be directed to: hm@moravecslaw.com or (626) 793-3210.

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